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windows, newspaper, no streaking, spots, acid rain, scratchesInside The Glass Cleaner Test Report
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Window Cleaners A to Z.

Sure, other publications have tested a handful of glass cleaners from time to time, but we set our sights a little larger by testing 25 products in our 32-page Glass Cleaner Test report. From Armor All to Zymol, we tested them all, and we did it in our usual unbiased, impartial, practical and comprehensive manner.

For those of you who have our critically acclaimed Wax Test Report, you're no doubt familiar with our grading system. You'll be happy to know that we've improved on the presentation of the grades by making them easier to read and comprehend. Just take a look for yourself by clicking on the sample product review, located just to your right.

Glass Cleaner Test Grades Sample Windex Armor AllAs you can see from the example, our test staff unmercifully tested the 25-products in a variety of environments - from clean glass to bug-splattered exterior glass - conditions that brought out the best and worst of each product. Along with the grades, there are detailed notes from our test staff - invaluable information for getting "the full scoop" on each products performance.

Finally, we wrap up all of those grades into a single final grade so you can compare the relative performance of each of your favorite products. Our editors assigned Tested Best awards and an Editors Choice award to four products that really stood out, and the results might surprise you. Let's just say you'll find one of the better performing products at your local grocery store.

Below you'll find a list of the 25 glass cleaning products we tested. Our editors chose these 25 products for a variety of reasons (they selected these products from their original list of more than 100 products) - is your glass-cleaning product on the list? Continue to page three of the Glass Cleaner Test Report Tour...

• 4-Star Window Cleaner
• Armor All Auto Glass Cleaner
• Armor All Glass Wipes
• Bon Ami Glass & Surface Cleaner
• Coastal Power Clean Glass
• Detailer's Pride Auto Glass
• Eagle One 20/20 Perfect Vision
• Eimann Fabrik Clear Vision
• Griot's Garage
• Gunk Glass Cleaner
• Lusso Glass Polish
• Mothers Glass Cleaner
• One Grand Glass Cleaner
• P21S Windshield Wipes
• Porsche Tequipment
• Pro AGC-18 Glass Cleaner
• Rain-X Glass Cleaner
• Sprayway Glass Cleaner
• Stoners Invisible Glass
• Turtle Wax ClearVue
• Windex Original
• Windex Powerized Foaming
• ZEP Glass Cleaner
• Zymol Glas

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