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protect your cars finish. wax your car to protect the paint

Q: I have always heard that people use "clay" on their cars. What is clay, and how do you use it?

A: Clay is a paint cleaning product that has been around for a number of years. However, recent advances in clay has resulted in what's now referred to as "poly-clay" (synthetic clay).

Clay needs to be used with a lubricating agent (quick detailer) so be sure to have plenty of quick detailer spray around. Simply spray a liberal amount of lubricant on the surface you wish to clay, and begin working the area with the clay using a light to moderate pressure. The clay should just "glide" across the surface - if it sticks or grabs, use a little more quick detailer (or a little less pressure). If it just "slides" around, use a little more pressure. We usually like to clay a 2'x2' section at a time, which takes us about 2 minutes.

We finish by drying the area and testing it for "smoothness" - if it's perfectly smooth, we move on to the next section. If it's not, we repeat the process on the same area.

nufinish, rain dance, wax, carnauba wax test paint protection polishInside The Car Wax Test Report
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We're Here to Answer your Car Wax Questions.

Most of our readers are pleasantly surprised when they receive their car wax report because they aren't expecting to find so much "non-product" related information. While it's true that we include a wealth of information about the actual car waxes, we don't try to overwhelm you with boring facts and figures.

We tell you everything you ever wanted to know about improving your vehicle's appearance but were afraid to ask. Here are a few snippets from our Special Report, where we share our secrets for perfecting your car's finish.

caring for your cars finish. Wash and wax your car.

If you like the Tips & Techniques section (shown above), you're going to love our Tools of the Trade review. We give you the skinny on the five detailing related tools that you absolutely shouldn't be without. But, unlike some other publications, we go a step
Here's a sneak peek at our very favorite car detailing tool:

buffing your cars paint, waxing, polishing with a buffer
farther and tell you HOW to use the tools properly.

Ever wonder which common household product will remove wax stains from your black plastic trim pieces? Check out page 49.

Tired of streaky windshields, especially right after you just tried so hard to clean them? Again, we have a common household tool that will solve your problems, just check out page 49. Continue to page two of the Car Wax Test Report Tour...

car wax test. compare review and rate different car waxes and polishes

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