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keep your car looking clean with the right wax.

Q: I have always heard that people use "clay" on their cars. What is clay, and how do you use it?

A: Clay is a paint cleaning product that has been around for a number of years. However, recent advances in clay has resulted in what's now referred to as "poly-clay" (synthetic clay).

Clay needs to be used with a lubricating agent (quick detailer) so be sure to have plenty of quick detailer spray around. Simply spray a liberal amount of lubricant on the surface you wish to clay, and begin working the area with the clay using a light to moderate pressure. The clay should just "glide" across the surface - if it sticks or grabs, use a little more quick detailer (or a little less pressure). If it just "slides" around, use a little more pressure. We usually like to clay a 2'x2' section at a time, which takes us about 2 minutes.

We finish by drying the area and testing it for "smoothness" - if it's perfectly smooth, we move on to the next section. If it's not, we repeat the process on the same area.

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Testing: How did the car waxes compare?

The problem with most "tests" out there today is that they are usually sponsored by at least one manufacturer, which is fine, but we were determined to avoid any possible outside interference. So we annonymously purchased all of the products we tested - we accepted no samples or special favors from anyone.
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Rest assured that our very comprehensive product reports hit straight and true - we don't mess around when it comes to telling you which products worked and which didn't. You'll find that we tell you everything there is to know about each particular product. You can see a sample of one of our product reports by clicking on the image (product chart) to the right.

Despite this abundance of information, it is surprisingly easy to read and follow. We present the "overall grade" (the weighted average of several performance criteria) along with the Grade Point Average - just like your old college days...

Below, you'll find a list of all of the products that we tested. We're continuing to add new products to our test list each and every day - Round 3 of our Wax Test is shaping up to be a monster test! Continue to page three of the Car Wax Test Report Tour...

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