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eagle one wheel tire cleaner, brake dust, wheel stains, damage, kleen wheelsInside The Wheel & Tire Care Guide Report
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Guru Reports Wheel & Tire Care and Cleaning Report

Our Wax Test Report set the car care industry on its collective ear, and our Wheel & Tire Care is sure to do the same. We scoured the Internet and the newsstands looking for a similar set of tests and we couldn't find any. Sure, a few magazines had tested half-a-dozen products, but what good is that? If your favorite product wasn't one of the lucky few, you're stuck!

The Guru Reports staff spent months anonymously purchasing more than 100 wheel and tire care products for our test. Once acquired, the products were painstakingly tested - our test staff kept log books of comments, ourstoner wheel and tire cleaner. keep my tires looking new editors compiled grades, and the results are presented to you in an easy to read format. Looking for quick info? No problem, check our "grades at a glance" thumbnail. Want a little more info? We've got you covered with detailed grades for the product's performance in each of the respective categories. Need even more info? Read the testers notes and editors summary. Check out a sample product report here:

Our detailed test results give you the true low-down on how each respective product performed across a plethora of merciless tests. In the end, you'll save time, money and frustration by consulting our report and making an informed purchase. Take a look at the manufacturers whose products we tested in this report: Continue to page three of the Wheel & Tire Care Guide Report Tour...

how to clean my tires and wheels

The Wheel & Tire Care Guide Special Report - Click here to buy it now!

• 303
• 3M
• 4-Star
• Armor All
• Autoglym
• Bell Chemical
• Black Magic
• Blackfire
• Castrol
• Clearkote
• Detailer's Pride
• Eagle One
• Eimann Fabrik
• Einszett
• Espree
• Forever Black
• Greased Lightning
• Griot's Garage
• Harly
• Hi-Temp
• Klasse
• Liquid Glass
• Meguiar's
• Mothers
• No Touch
• One Grand
• P21S
• Pinnacle
• Prestone
• Right Stuff
• Sonax
• Sonus
• Stoner
• Top of the Line
• Turtle Wax
• Westley's
• Wheel Wax
• X Laboratories
• Zaino

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